What are you working on?


I am currently crocheting acrylic lapghans for the caravan trailer…


It looks awesome! I love a good granny square!!!


I’m working on another granny square baby blanket. I will post when it gets a little bit bigger…

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Yay my swift came in… Now I have to wait impatiently for the ballwinder to come in! come on postman bring it quick… I want to crochet with my own dyed yarn!

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@DeeJay That is beautiful…a lot of work…

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Oh my gosh @DeeJay this is spectacular!!


Granny square blankets are one of my favourite “go to” projects! They always come out beautifully! I cant wait to see it :slight_smile:

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Yass @WhisperCrochet Wind all the skeins!! <3 centre pull yarn cakes are the best thing ever!

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The Molly yarn I dyed… balled up and I am currently crocheting into a rectangle granny stitch blanket…


I am drying all the tiger Lillies today! It’s rainy, and I didn’t get them all dried last night. Here is what one load for the dehydrator looks like!


The colors are beautiful.


This is the baby blanket I just finished…


What a beauty Mary!!! love it


@WhisperCrochet Thank you!


@LastMinuteLaura your having fun with that dehydrator aren’t you…what are you going to do with the lilies after dried?


Hey Mary, I am going to make tea!! (with the lilies)


I am Working on branding and back end stuff this morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I woke up at 3:45am and got to work! I bet I will be feeling it by the afternoon!

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This blanket turned out so beautifully! I love the ruffles on the edge!

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I do love this color.