What are you doing today?


Today for me it is a lot of pattern writing that I am doing this one is first because honestly it will take the most time to write up…

So what is everyone else doing today?


The start of my baby blanket.


That is looking so cute already… Amazing colors! love that!


Thank you Whisper…it’s coming along…


I love it! It looks awesome! I love the soft colour palette, and of course, the granny square vibesssss!

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Wow Whisper! This looks so cool! I love your really creative designs! So cool that you think/crochet in 3D! wow really wow!!!

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Aaaaaaah… I just ordered skeins of undyed yarn and natural food dyes…


So cute I love it. Love the colors


This is what I am working on today! I made a drawstring pocket for my new apron!
I am about to get started on the straps, then, onto the drawstring hemline, maybe another pocket… and THEN final assembly! I hope to get most of that done today, along with some other work tasks like editing and returning emails. ew. and I still have to get started packing for our move…sigh… anyway! It’s a gloomy one here in Toronto, but I am feeling totally IN MY ELEMENT!


Another pic of my baby blanket. Slowly growing!


I wish I could sew like like…I am a very basic sewer…


That is going to be enough Marie… You only need to know the very basics to make most things


Made these so far and I got a plan for later today involving red tea :smiley:


Currently dyeing this… hoping the red is going to stay in there too… but this is wool and tea… It is a german cherry and strawberry tea that gives you bright red tea


That was a major fail… lol it didn’t even stay pink even with vinegar in the water… Sending some of it to you Laura so you can try with a different mordant… Overdying with food coloring to make a red/pink/purple yarn with it instead…


OMG this yarn looks amazing Whisper! :smiley:


OMG DeeJay, this is incredible! I love it!


Also, sorry about the tea outcome. I will try with an iron mordant! Also, at least there is always over-dyeing <3

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Top one is the tea yarn I overdyed… and the bottom was a twisted hank I put in the pot with green on one side and blue on the other… and this is what came out


Doing a lot of nothing here… the hottest days in the heatwave is hitting us today and tomorrow
How is everyone else doing today?