Upcoming live-streams


:point_up: Upcoming dates for livestream will be posted here :cowboy_hat_face: or at least we will try. Worst case scenario — you can always just find the latest video on the youtube.com/lastminutelaura :nerd_face:

Live-Stream Schedule:

  • 7 am EST
  • Monday - Friday

Goodmorning everyone,

I just spoke to Laura she had overslept and due to her sisters coming to get her for last minute bridal stuff she is unable to stream today. The big wedding is coming soon! So no worries she is okay just a little busy

We will see and chat together again tomorrow

Love Whisper


@whispercrochet I thought maybe her cold sore got bigger…lol…I was going to stop in and say hi and bye, but I didn’t see her on this morning…see you tomorrow…