Foraging for Natural Dye


Here is where we can talk specifically about dye stuffs! All the natural dye, colour foraging, tips, photos of naturally dyed things, etc! I can’t wait to show you some of the stuff I have been working on!

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I have a whole bunch of pinecones that I picked up outside my house that I’ve been saving as decorations for my fall wedding in October, but I thought “hmm, I wonder if I can get any natural dye out of them?” You inspired me to try! Idk if it will dye anything because I haven’t been able to get the yarn just yet to try, but I’m hopeful! Even if it’s a light color, I’ll be happy with it lol

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Wow Heather! This is awesome!
I bet you could get some really pretty yellows, even an orange maybe!
(I bet is smells nice too!)
In a couple of natural dye books that I borrowed from the library, I saw that the pinecones from redwood can give reds and purples even!

This Blog —>. might be a good place to look when you are gonna get started! She used fabrics, but it still gives an idea.
She got some pretty blueish greys, and orangey pinks with hers!

I’m really pumped to see an update when you DO dye your wool!
(also, thanks for sharing, and being the first post!)


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Ooo, yellows and oranges sound lovely, hopefully it turns out well! It does smell nice, very forest-y haha. That’s so neat cones can even give reds and purples! I saw some pinecones don’t give off much color, I have yet to identify the pine tree in our yard, but the color looks so deep and rich so it seems like there is will be at least some color hopefully lol. Thanks for the link!! I will for sure post an update!

And no problem, glad to be! Thanks for making this forum so we can share! And thank you for replying!

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